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Deploy NFT token

Compile Contract


Delete the default files, and create a new file: NFT.sol

Copy the Token.sol code from below repo

You need to modify NFTToken code based on your needs

For example, you want to create a ColorNFT serie, and this NFT Token is named RED

BaseURI is the meta data of the NFT token, format can be reference is below:

This json need to return a image URL for the NFT, ex:

Any user should be able to visit this image URL so that it can be showed in wallet and NFT markets.

For compiler version, select 0.5.5

Deploy Contract

Config Contract

Now you need to use addMinter to add an address

Then this address will be able to call mint function to mint NFT to others

Then you will able to review the detail NFT token information in block explorer

You can submit your released NFT to use on this form:

OpenSea NFT Metadata Standard