L1 Web Wallet

Use Testnet 'Galois L1' as example, for mainnet, please use 'MathChain L1'

Make sure you installed MathWallet Chrome Extension (or PolkadotJS Extension) and switch network to Galois L1

open https://mathwallet.org/galoiswallet/

Click 'Login via MathWallet Browser Extension'

Select the wallet you want to connect

GaloisL1 Smart Web Wallet support basic token transfer, and also some advanced features including:

L2 Address: allows binding a 0x EVM compatible L2 address, and 2 address will share the same MATH balance.

DID: allows binding email or twitter account as alias which can replace the wallet address when transfer tokens. It will also be used to recover the wallet when privacy key get lost.

Recovery: submit the recover process if privacy key get lost.

Limit: update daily transfer limit.