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Deploy MAT20 token

Compile and Deploy


Delete the default files, and create a new file: Token.sol

Copy the Token.sol code from below repo

You need to modify MAT20Token code based on your needs, including name, symbol, decimals, totalSupply

Compile: Go to 2nd tab, click Compile Token.sol

Deploy: Go to 3rd tab ENVIRONMENT select Injected Web3, Remix will connect to MathWallet which is need to sign the deployment transaction

Click 'Deploy' to start In the popup MathWallet confirm window, click 'Accept'

After few seconds, you can find your new smart contract on block explorer

Config Contract

Mint Token Find mint function, enter the address and amount (remember to add the decimals in the amount field)

Open transfer Find unpause function, click 'Write', sign the transaction

Now your MAT20 token is ready to transfer